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Address Change

LIC OF INDIA is the biggest life insurance company in India operating since 1956 with more than 2000 branches and offices. To change the current residential cum correspondance address for your LIC POLICY is very easy. Simply write the mail or give a written request to your home LIC BRANCH mentioning the new Address along with a photocopy of the supporting document to which you want your new address to be updated.

Note: For Sending request through Email:

Send a mail to your LIC HOME BRANCH and you can get the policy updated with your the current address. The email ids of the branches are bo_(name of the branch)@licindia.com

1) . In LIC OF INDIA each branch has a name either simply numeric like 11A or 91 or 113 or any number something like that. Sometimes you will find the name of the LIC BRANCH will be the combination of numberic letters followed by English alphabets like 11A or 91P or 11P etc.

2). LIC BRANCH is usually written on your FIRST PREMIUM RECEIPT and also on the LIC POLICY bond.

3). For branch 91, the branch email id will be bo_91@licindia.com

For giving request to directly to home branch:
To change the Address write a letter to your home LIC BRANCH mentioning the updated Address and your LIC POLICY will be updated with your current location.This change take 2-3 days working days.

Note: Don’t forget to take the recieving of your written request for the sake of record with you.